Essay on why lai massacre was not a war crime

Before My Lai, no one would have thought it necessary to formally teach the youth of American not to kill innocent women, children and babies. In countries that respect the Rule of Law, incidents such as My Lai — with their attendant unique and volatile legal, political, and social baggage — invariably end up in the courtroom.

In command of Charlie Company was Captain Ernest Medina, a career soldier who joined the army as a cook but worked his way up to officer rank. Rarely does a prosecutor of war-related crime have the luxury of routine contemporary police investigatory and forensic expertise.

Among the American troops still in Vietnam, morale was low, and anger and frustration were high. He told me later what they said. Although he was the worst of them, many others disserved it, but barely got out of going to trial Court Martial. The international obligation to prosecute war crimes further distinguishes this basis of courts-martial jurisdiction from the Supreme Court precedent forbidding prosecution of former servicemen for more normal violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Three groups of villagers were ordered into large ditches then sprayed with machine gun fire. My Lai is more than a battlefield tragedy. Illegal orders are, of course, the responsibility of both the one who issues the order as well as the one who obeys that order.

The key sentence states: The My Lai Operation was scheduled for March 16th. The pilot Hugh Thompson, who was watching the event from the air, landed his plane between the group of villagers hiding in a bomb shelter and American soldiers.

The fact-finding process itself must be affected. Publicity, flowing from the very act of prosecution, fuels the engines of prevention that is the chief goal of prosecution. So, usually at about 2 a. Later investigations found that some individual soldiers from Charlie Company refused to participate in the killing of civilians.

American reports suggest that people were killed; Vietnamese government reports put the dead at56 of them less than one year old. How a government uses a tragedy to teach, to prevent and to reform is critical.

Being a soldier — or a policeman or a fireman — requires constant training. Both Medina and Calley participated in these killings. They shot us one by one. One man experienced a terrible form of this. The operation started in the morning on March 16, The massacre also had a mental effect on the people who fought in it.

Ridenhour, however, pushed the case further. Rules of engagement are a combination of the dictates of the law primarily Law of Warof government policy, of diplomatic requirements, and of operational imperatives.

Nevertheless, the soldiers opened fire on the villagers who worked in the rice fields. The Massacre At My Lai Starting inthe war at Vietnam seemed necessary and useful, in the minds of the public.

After years of combat, the American opinion slowly worsened, and bythe war was highly questionable.

My Lai Massacre Essays (Examples)

The public support was completely lost after the information of the gruesome massacre at My Lai [ ]. A Vietnamese survivor of the My Lai massacre Alpha History’s website on the Vietnam War containswords in pages.

This site was updated last on October 5th My Lai Massacre Essay Olson and Randy Roberts in My Lai: A Brief History with The My Lai incident on March 16, was purely a “military crime of obedience” (Newman).

American soldiers are accustomed to being treated poorly by the natives of an occupied country, but it still influenced the actions that occurred on March My Lai was not a “war crime” because the victims were not enemy aliens in an occupied territory.

[30] Even though not technically “war crimes,” what occurred at My Lai clearly fell within the list of crimes specified by Congress in the Uniform Code of Military Justice –. Essay on The My Lai Massacre - Vietnam War; Essay on The My Lai Massacre - Vietnam War. Words 5 Pages.

Essay on why lai massacre was not a war crime

On March 16, a terrible massacre occurred at My Lai, called The My Lai Massacre. The My Lai Massacre Essay Words | 11 Pages. Type my essay online Essay on why lai massacre was not a war crime.

Essay on why lai massacre was not a war crime
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The My Lai massacre