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Therefore, every person in the society should try to become literate. But you should divide the essay into these 3 logical sections. Among the states, an overall literacy rate of over 80 per cent is also seen in Goa.

As against this, the eastern coast of the peninsula is marked with only low to moderate literacy levels. When you speak from the heart you might fumble once or twice but it connects Literacy in india essay your audience.

Literacy in India – Essay

It might also bring about changes in interpersonal and inter-group relations. For example, J K group has helped over 29, citizens of India, mostly village women, to move towards literacy — which means being able to sign their name, read sign boards and handle money, in local languages in eight different states.

The National Policy of Education in the year declared that the whole nation must commit itself to drive away the menaces of illiteracy especially among the young population. It may be observed that there has been steady increase in literacy in the country and that among the States, Kerala leads with regard to literacy both in and Essay generally have three main parts, Introduction, impact or more detailed info and then summary or conclusion.

The states of Bihar and Jharkhand have the lowest female literacy rates Sixty per cent of the non-literates in India are women, although the female literacy rate has gone up from 9 per cent in the s to 54 per cent in Also, there corruption has become an incorrigible element with respect to the allocation of funds by the government to education.

There are gender imbalances, income imbalances, state imbalances, caste imbalances, technological barriers which shape the literacy rates that exist in the country. Education gives us skills and tools, we need to navigate through our life. Policy of no fail till class VIII to prevent children from dropping out.

You can modify the content as per your requirements as speeches and essays have different structures. While there are few states at the top and bottom, most states are just above or below the national average. Poverty Poverty is one of the major problems faced by India.

New schools, especially in rural areas have been made to provide education facilities for more students. Illiteracy deprives people not only of economic development but also of all benefits of education, reading, writing, etc.

The achievement of functional literacy implies i self-reliance in 3 R's, ii awareness of the causes of deprivation and the ability to move towards amelioration of their condition by participating in the process of development, iii acquiring skills to improve economic status and general well being, and iv imbibing values such as national integration, conservation of environment, women's equality, observance of small family norms.

In all of them the overall literacy rates are above 80 per cent. The unique position of Mizoram should be viewed in terms of the fact that over 80 per cent of the population in the state consists of Christians.

If not, he is called an illiterate person. Problems with Government Schemes The Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan mainly incorporates decentralization for planning and management of elementary education because of which there is an absence of community participation and thus most of the policies fail to generate a mass consensus.

Also given are the corresponding rates according to the census, the percentage increase in literacy and ranks which the States and Union Territories held with regard to literacy rates in Ask them feedback and revisit the script.

Remotely located, the entire belt is one of the least urbanized tracts in the country. Unqualified Teaching Staff The unqualified teaching staff is also the reason behind students not getting the required knowledge from the school.

Although, the state does not rank very high in terms of economic development, it has occupied a leading position in literacy transition in the country.

The students and the educated youth should come forward to join the literacy movement since launched by the government of India.

Lessons from state literacy efforts in India[ edit ] Several states in India have executed successful programs to boost literacy rates.

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Also, it needs to be highlighted that India is a country where the extent of disparities is such that one nation has achieved a literacy rate higher than 90 percent while on the other hand, there also exist nations where the literacy rates are still dismal i.

After 10 years of secondary schooling, students typically enroll in Higher Secondary Schooling in one of the three major streams—liberal arts, commerce or science.

As he is unable to read or write, he cannot read a letter addressed to him by his near and dear ones. It can be observed those three-fourths of the male population of age 7 years and above and a little more than half of female population aged 7 years and above was literate in Literacy involves a continuum of learning in enabling individuals to achieve their goals, to develop their knowledge and potential, and to participate fully in their community and wider society.

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Education is regarded as a key instrument for the empowerment of women. Persuasive essay examples 10th grade writings and essays on literacy in india narrative inten. View. Animator resume beautiful the short essay week 2 minnesota literacy on in india council 3.

View. Essay on illiteracy solution adult literacy in india Short Essay on Illiteracy in India and its Solutions. Category: Essays, have been released for this purpose by the central government but these are not sufficient steps for promotion of literacy in a large country like India. Short Essay on India of My Dreams ; Short Essay on Illiteracy in India ; Illiteracy: Meaning, Causes, Effects.

Illiteracy is a great hurdle for the economic development India. It entangles a man or a nation and eats into the vital of life. Illiteracy is a scar in our national life. The Indian census has adopted this definition and now many of the developing countries are shifting to this definition too.

ADVERTISEMENTS: However, a distinction can be made between the literates and the educated as has been done in the case of India. The students and the educated youth should come forward to join the literacy movement since launched by the government of India.

Classes can be held in a primary school or in any other suitable place that is available in the area chosen for literacy movement.

India possesses the largest illiterate population.

Essay on the Literacy in India

Literacy rates stood at percent for men in and percent for women. This low female literacy is also responsible for the dependency of women on men for activities which requires them to read and write.

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