Western lowland gorilla essay

Their small helpless babies weigh about four pounds and only forty percent of them survive past child hood. Should we make an effort to try and save the Mountain Gorillas. Poaching is where people kill gorillas for different reasons, like cutting their heads off for selling, and their hands for making into ash trays, they also take their meat for food.

More specifically, I will focus on the social structure of the western lowland Gorilla, describing how these predominantly gentle creatures live in a society similar to that of humans in many ways. She was assassinated and beheaded like a gorilla.

Retriever on September 25, from www. This is somewhat analogous to the role of the Human male in many family and extended family units across many Human cultures, which is largely a role of protection from enemies of the group.

Males weigh from pounds, but the females weigh pounds less The silverback offers protection to the females and offspring from predators and other strange male gorillas Tutin and Fernandez, In the afternoon the adults take naps, so at that time the young ones play.

Despite being the most numerous kind of gorilla, the western lowland gorilla species is the shyest and least understood.

Western lowland gorilla essay

There are four different kinds of mountain gorillas that I learned so much about, the Western Lowland, Cross-River has never been caught on tape before, National Geographic or anythingGrauers, and simply Mountain Gorillas. The land that is set aside for gorillas is being taken over by agriculture.

Competition among eastern mountain gorilla groups for females can therefore be fierce, and levels of aggression among males in neighboring mountain gorilla groups can be extremely high.

Although they are mainly quadrupedal, gorillas can travel bipedally but generally no farther than approximately six meters Schaller, Gorillas in the Mist. Dean Jacobs donated a bunch of notebooks to the Rwandan children to help them.

Education will help future Rwandans make a better living. The study could also provide clues about the role and development of kinship in early human society, say researchers behind the work.

Gorillas live in the rain forest. Unlike humans, which are bipedal, walking on two legs, Gorillas are quadrupedal, they walk on all fours with the soles of their feet flat on the ground with the knuckles of the hands curled and planted on the ground Schaller, They get silver hair on their back as part of their growing process, just like when boys grow up and get mustaches and beards.

Western Lowland Gorllia Essay

Most people have never heard of the mountain gorillas. The science of Anthropology defines culture as every thing we say, think, and do in our daily lives. Then we are brought to the Mountain Gorilla, there are only left in the world and none in zoos.

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People kill them for their heads and hands as trophies. Gorillas can grow to be 6 feet tall when they are standing on hind legs. In the past few years Doran-Sheehy has documented neighboring groups of western lowland gorillas feeding alongside one another in swamps and other habitats.

Western Gorillas have been seen nesting in along the Savannah forest edge or in the Savannah itself. The gorillas sleep in nests at night, and they make a new nest every night.

Western Lowland Gorilla

Dian Fossey tried to reduce the amount of poaching that was going on. Up to a hundred thousand western lowland gorillas are thought to inhabit the forests of central Africa. Poaching is a very big problem for gorillas. Free essays & term papers - The Western Lowland Gorilla, Anthropology.

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Because of our arboreal heritage, primates share assiduous anatomical characteristics, including depth and color vision, opposable thumbs, and fingertip pads as the primary organs of touch (Kottak, ). Larg. Western Lowland Gorilla This Essay Western Lowland Gorilla and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on izu-onsen-shoheiso.com Autor: review • December 22, • Essay • Words (3 Pages) • 1, Views4/4(1).

Background: Generally, Western Lowland Gorilla (Gorilla gorilla) groups consist of a silverback male, a few immature males, and several females and young (Gould ). Silverbacks are the leaders of the groups, and are named as such because the hair on their back turns from black to silvery gray as they mature (Watts ).

Disease Central Africa, the home of western lowland gorillas, has been dramatically affected by Ebola hemorrhagic fever. Some scientists estimate that Ebola has killed about one-third of the wild gorilla population here, mainly western lowland gorillas.

Western lowland gorilla essay
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Western lowland gorilla essay